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Learning In and With Nature

1 day workshop

Cairns  - Monday 22nd April 2024

Gold Coast - Friday 7th June  2024 

Brisbane  - Thursday 20th June 2024                                       $275

This workshop explores Nature Pedagogy – the “why”, the approach to outdoor learning, the theorists, the benefits to children and it showcases what outdoor learning looks like in services – showing examples and also engaging in hands on nature play activities. It focuses on how you can implement nature pedagogy within the fence of an early learning centre or OSHC.

It is suitable for educators caring for children aged 0-12 with all workshop content mapped to the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place. This workshop will provide educators with the theoretical and practical knowledge and ideas, to embed nature play and outdoor learning into your existing curriculum and play within the boundaries of your service setting. It includes resources to support progression and whole service implementation.

The day will cover:

  • Nature pedagogy – understanding the philosophy and theory (with practical activities) so educators understand the theory and foundations.

  • Benefits of outdoor learning and nature play – understanding the why so we can communicate this to families and in our learning stories and documentation

  • Child led play and inquiry based learning – what this looks like in practice and how this can be authentically done through nature play

  • How child led learning links to Loose Parts Play including natures loose parts

  • Risky Play and how this is a normal part of childhood and is supported within the EYLF and NQS. Analyse a Risk Benefit Assessment.

  • Showcase of photos and videos how other EC services are doing it everyday

  • Explore techniques to implement the principles and practices of Nature Pedagogy in the context of your service play spaces within the fence.

  • Nature play links to EYLF – talking about the learning and how this can be communicated in our curriculum documents

  • Explore how nature play connects with community and culture.

The course is delivered by experienced, qualified trainers with extensive knowledge and expertise in Nature play and Bush Kindy programs across Queensland and beyond. Our facilitators still work in the field and share hands on experience as well as services that we partner with.

Refreshments are provided and participants are to bring their own lunch.

Printed course materials and resources are provided.

If you are booking 3 or more participants from the same single service please contact or 0473 021 887 to attain a discount code before registering.

When you click on next link in Eventbrite - we ask that educators complete the registration form themselves (not Directors) as there are personal health and background questions they need to answer. At the end they can click by credit card or Pay by Invoice and it will be sent to the centre. This is why tickets are limited to one at a time.

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