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Snake Awareness Workshop

2 hour workshop

GOLD COAST - Elanora Community Centre

Thursday 30th November 2023,  8.30-10.30am                         $40

This workshop will empower you with knowledge so that you feel more confident exploring nature sites across our Gold Coast Community and beyond. Valuable workshop for Bush Kindy educators.

Our Guest Speaker, Max Walker from Murwillumbah Snake Catchers has been relocating, rescuing and caring for snakes with Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers (TVWC) since 2011. He is also known for his exceptional workshops with community sharing information on how to identify snakes and providing first aid. 

There won't be any real snakes at this session, but lots of photos, videos, and real stories. The workshop is designed to be interactive with lots of question answering! 

The session will include; 

  • the most common 4 non-venomous snakes and 4 venomous snakes that you are likely to come across in the Gold Coast  

  • information on snakes in general  

  • how snake venom works and what it does  

  • snake bite first aid including practice at applying a pressure bandage  

Bec Burch of Cottonwood Learning, experienced and qualified Bush Kindy leader will also discuss how we can  minimise risks in a Bush Kindy program through risk assessments and empowering children with knowledge and skillls.

Please ensure you read all the information thoroughly and if you have any further queries, please contact us at or 0473 021 887.

When you click on next link in Eventbrite - we ask that educators complete the registration form themselves (not Directors) as there are personal health and background questions they need to answer. At the end they can click by credit card or Pay by Invoice and it will be sent to the centre. This is why tickets are limited to one at a time.

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